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Byggfakta Group acquires Olmero

Byggfakta Group acquires Olmero

Today we are proud to present and welcome another company to the till Byggfakta Group family. Last Friday, we acquired the shares in the Swiss company Olmero.

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Swissbau 2022

Swissbau 2022

The leading trade fair for the construction and real estate industry in Switzerland

18 – 21 January 2022

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Misa AG

Gemeinsame Baustelleneinrichtung Installations communes de chantier Joint site equipment Impianto comune di costruzione


Äussere Oberflächenbehandlungen Traitement des surfaces extérieures External surface treatments Trattamento delle superfici esterne


Abbrüche Démolition Demolitions Demolizione


Allg. Metallbauarbeiten, Innere Verglasungen, Schutzraumteile Ouvrages métalliques, vitrages intérieurs, éléments préconfectionnés pour abris P.C. Gen. Metal construction work, internal glazing, protection area components Strutture metalliche, vetrate interne, elementi prefabbricati per P.C.

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